The University of Florida homepage serves as the official source of emergency information and will be updated as necessary during an incident.  Currently, only System-Wide and Gainesville Specific UF Alert messages will appear under the “InsideUF” section of the homepage.

Text Messaging

Current UF students are automatically enrolled in the system using their cellular telephone number provided during the course registration process.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to enroll in the system by providing a cellular telephone number in the emergency contact information section of your MyUFL account.

UF Alert text messages will appear from either short text numbers 23177 or 63079.  Adding these numbers to your cell phone’s contact list under the name “UF Alert” will assist in identifying UF text messages.

Instructions on how to subscribe, update, or opt-out of this service can be read here.

Email & RSS Feeds

UF Alerts are automatically sent to active ufl.edu email accounts of students, faculty and staff without the need to register. You can access archived emails and the RSS feeds in the links below.

The email listserv archives are available below:

IP Telephones & Speakers

Most academic classrooms and classroom laboratories have an IP telephone or speaker installed.  The telephones are labeled for identification with a UF Alert logo.  The devices are capable of broadcasting audio messages.

Additionally, essentially all IP telephones on the UF RAC at LAke Nona are capable of broadcasting audio messages.  IP telephones with visual displays will also receive the text of a UF Alert message if IP phones are activated during an emergency notification.

In general, UF Alerts are only sent to IP phones when immediate action is required.


Due to a recent Facebook API change, the UF Alert system is not posting to the Lake Nona Facebook Page.

We are currently working to find a resolution to this issue.

Please see the UF Alert FAQs to learn how to continue to receive UF Alert system notifications on other modes


“Follow” UF Alert – Lake Nona to receive UF Alert messages in your Twitter feed.

Follow @ufalertlakenona

To receive UF Alert tweets as an SMS/text message to your cellular phone by texting “Follow UFAlertLakeNona” to short text code 40404. You do not need a Twitter account to use this feature.

Please note this is a service of Twitter and not the UF Alert text messaging service for students, faculty and staff.  Additional details are available at Twitter regarding their fast follow service.

UF Alert Rumor Control

To obtain official information from the University, anyone can call 866-UF FACTS (866-833-2287).  The toll-free hotline is operated by University Relations.