About UF Alert

The University of Florida employs a multimodal approach to the UF Alert program using multiple methods to reach student, faculty, and staff. Members of the university community should be aware of these methods and maintain their current contact information at ONE.UF.

The UF Alert program is coordinated by the Department of Emergency Management in cooperation with the University of Florida Police Department, Office of Clery Compliance, UFIT, Strategic Communications and Marketing, and other stakeholders.

For questions regarding the alert program, please contact emergencymanagement@ufl.edu.


The UF Alert system for each location sends three types of messages:

Emergency Notifications indicate an in-progress emergency or dangerous situation immediately threatening the health and safety of university community. These notifications are sent using all of the methods below.

Timely Warnings communicate a serious or continuing incident that poses no immediate threat to the university community but does require community notice. Email, social media, and the GatorSafe app distribute these warnings.

Campus Safety Messages inform of an incident that poses no immediate threat to the university community and falls below Clery Act mandates for community notice, but where a community notice will still be beneficial. These messages are provided via email, social media, and the GatorSafe app.



The University of Florida homepage serves as the official source of emergency information and will be updated as necessary during an incident.

GatorSafe App

GatorSafe is the official safety and security app for the university and all students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to download. The app provides push notifications of UF Alerts and features the ability to chat with UFPD, mobile blue light, emergency guidance, and other features.


Everyone at UF is encouraged to download onto your mobile devices.

Text Messaging

Text messages will be sent to the number and location preferences selected at ONE.UF.

UF Alert text messages will appear from short text number 237233. Adding this number to your cell phone’s contact list under the name “UF Alert” will assist in identifying text messages.


Email messages will be sent for location preferences selected at ONE.UF.

VoIP Telephones & Speakers

Most academic classrooms and classroom laboratories on the Gainesville campus and Lake Nona campus have a VoIP telephone or speaker installed.  The telephones are labeled for identification with a UF Alert logo.

All VoIP telephones on the Gainesville and Lake Nona campuses with visual displays will receive the text of a UF Alert message. Additionally, the speakers and telephones are capable of broadcasting audio messages. Outdoor speakers are located in high-traffic pedestrian areas on the Gainesville campus. Generally, audio messages are only sent to VoIP devices when immediate action is required.

Social Media

Available UF Alert social media accounts are listed on the associated location’s page.