Why do Emergency Notifications and Timely Warnings send out differently on UF Alert?

Published: Dec 3rd, 2014

The UF Alert system is used to distribute both, ‘timely warnings’ and ’emergency notifications.’ In general: ‘Timely warnings’ are sent for incidents that have already occurred but represent a serious […]

Can I opt into / out of UF Alerts for a specific location?

Published: Oct 18th, 2013

Yes, you can! To edit your UF Alert location settings, take the following steps: Go to the My UFL web site at http://my.ufl.edu Click on then “Access myUFL” button and sign in with […]

Does UF Alert use outdoor notification speakers?

Published: Aug 9th, 2013

Yes. UF Alert outdoor notification speakers are located in high pedestrian trafficked outdoor areas. UF Alert outdoor speakers locations can be viewed on the UF Campus Map’s Campus Safety menu.

Why is a final message sent when the situation appears unresolved?

Published: Jan 25th, 2013

One of the primary purposes of the UF Alert system is sending out emergency notifications when there is an immediate threat to the lives and/or safety of students, faculty, and […]

Why did I receive an alert on my cell phone that is not a UF Alert or another subscribed service?

Published: Jan 22nd, 2013

The alert you received on your cell phone might be a Wireless Emergency Alert. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), along with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the wireless industry, have […]

Why do you send these alerts?

Published: Dec 3rd, 2012

Under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act,  the University of Florida is required to notify the University community upon confirmation of a significant emergency […]

How do I update my UF Alert contact information?

Published: Dec 3rd, 2012

UF students, faculty and staff are responsible for maintaining their correct contact information in the emergency contact section of MyUFL (MyUFL > My Account > Update Emergency Contact). Additionally, please […]

I am no longer a student or employee, how do I stop receiving UF Alert emails?

Published: Dec 3rd, 2012

You may be receiving emails to your non-UF email account due to the forwarding component associated with an “ufl.edu” e-mail service. To ensure this does not happen again, please go […]

I am a student or employee, how do I stop UF Alert emails?

Published: Dec 3rd, 2012

Receiving the email component of an emergency notification is a service of having a UF email account and there is no way to opt out of this. However, you can opt […]

I am a student or employee and am not getting UF Alert texts, how do I enroll / update / confirm my number?

Published: Dec 3rd, 2012

Updates can be made at MyUFL > My Account > Update Emergency Contact. After you sign up online, the Blackboard Connect service will automatically send a test message to your […]