Welcome to the UF Health Shands UF Alert website.

UF has partnered with UF Health to expand its UF Alert System to communicate life-safety emergency notifications to UF and UF Health Shands staff. This will ensure a more consistent approach to keeping us well-informed during potential crises.

This site provides information and directions for utilizing UF’s emergency notification systems for UF Health Shands campuses in Gainesville.

During a UF Health Shands emergency, the hospital Incident Command Center is activated to guide our teams’ response to anticipated mass-casualty or infrastructure emergencies. Using the UF Alert-Shands system, UF Health emergency-response leaders will be able to send text and/or email alerts to communicate key information about health-campus emergencies to our internal audiences.

The UF Alert-Shands system may be used to send follow-up information as a potential emergency unfolds or “call to action” requests when the hospital Incident Command Center is mobilized. This will help us provide clear information and instructions and help minimize confusion.

We are asking our UF Health workforce to go online and check preferences to opt in or out of the UF Alert-Gainesville and the UF Alert-Shands groups.

The UF Alert program is coordinated by the Department of Emergency Management in cooperation with UF Health and University Relations.

For questions regarding the emergency notification process, please review the FAQ section or contact emergencymanagement@ufl.edu.