Timely Warning (24-02)

Clery Crime: Motor Vehicle Theft

Under the Clery Act, the University of Florida issues Timely Warning messages regarding Clery Act crimes which pose a serious and continuing threat to the campus community.

On April 1, 2024, four e-scooters, one e-bike, and one motor scooter were reported stolen to the University of Florida Police Department. The majority of the vehicles were secured with cable/combination locks and reported stolen from the east side of the campus.

In addition to the motor vehicle thefts, three car break-ins were reported to UFPD. These burglaries of a conveyance occurred in Garage 4 and Garage 8. The individual(s) responsible targeted vehicles with "soft tops” by either unzipping or cutting the roof of the vehicle to gain entry.

All of these incidents are under investigation by UFPD.

UFPD has also been made aware that similar burglaries of a conveyance were reported to the Gainesville Police Department in the area close to SW 13th Street between March 29-April 1, 2024.

Anyone with information on these incidents or information about suspicious activity in the area is encouraged to contact UFPD at (352) 392-1111 or via the UFPD Silent Witness portal at https://police.ufl.edu/contact/silent-witness/.

While these thefts are often crimes of opportunity, we encourage you to take steps to protect your belongings. E-bikes and e-scooters are an easy item to steal, as they are lightweight and compact. Additionally, bicycle cable locks can be cut or tampered with using standard wire cutters. UFPD recommends the following steps to protect your belongings: register your bicycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters either in person at the Public Safety Building (1555 Museum Rd. Gainesville, FL 32612) or by any UFPD officer on campus. Additionally, UFPD recommends the use of a metal U-lock to secure these items.

The University of Florida strongly believes that no person is responsible for harm inflicted by another person.

Criminal incidents can be reported to UF CSAs who are designated, trained, and mandatory reporters under the Clery Act when victims chose not to report to law enforcement.

Reporting to law enforcement is encouraged by calling 9-1-1 or through the GatorSafe app.

Be sure to lock up your vehicles, residential hall rooms, and offices when you leave. Remove any valuables from sight or take them with you when you leave. Never leave keys or means to access your vehicle within the vehicle.

Information for support resources, services and programs at the University of Florida can be found at: https://clery.compliance.ufl.edu/resources/victim-resources/