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UF Alert Message Summary

DateCategoryLocationNumber of NotificationsAlert Group
03/31/22Campus Safety Alert (Potential flooding)C-Lot and J-Lot1Jacksonville
03/23/22Campus Safety Alert (Potential flooding)C-Lot and J-Lot1Jacksonville
03/15/22Tornado WarningLake Nona RAC3Lake Nona
03/15/22Campus Safety Alert (Theft)UF Health Jacksonville1Jacksonville
03/14/22Building FireMechanical Aerospace Engineering A3Gainesville
03/11/22Campus Safety Alert (Potential flooding)C-Lot and J-Lot1Jacksonville
02/25/22Mass Casualty IncidentUF Health Shands3Shands
02/23/22Campus Safety Alert (Power outlet system change)UF Health Jacksonville2Jacksonville
02/16/22Timely Warning (Burglary)Murphree Hall1Gainesville
01/28/22Campus Safety Alert (Vehicle vandalization)M-Lot1Jacksonville
01/13/22Campus Safety Alert (Voyeurism)Tower 11Jacksonville
12/15/21Campus Safety Alert (Unknowingly Ingested Altered SubstanceLocal bars1Gainesville
12/04/21Building FireCancer Genetics Research Building2Gainesville
12/04/21Timely Warning (Fondling/Exposure)J. Wayne Reitz Union1Gainesville
12/03/21Timely Warning (Burglary)Murphree Hall1Gainesville
12/01/21Campus Safety Alert (Criminal Incident)UF Health Jacksonville1Jacksonville
11/30/21Test/ExerciseLake Nona RAC1Lake Nona
11/30/21Test/ExerciseUF Health Shands Hospital1Shands
11/30/21Test/ExerciseUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
11/30/21Test/ExerciseUF Health Jacksonville1Jacksonville
11/15/21Timely Warning (Robbery)UF Health Shands Hospital (North Tower)1Gainesville
11/13/21Building FireGarage 52Gainesville
10/31/21Timely Warning (Attempted Burglary)NW 16th Street and NW 4th Avenue1Gainesville
10/28/21Campus Safety Alert (Potential Severe Thunderstorms)UF Health Jacksonville2Jacksonville
10/26/21HazMat Release1800 Museum Road4Gainesville
10/19/21Armed PersonOrthopedics4Gainesville
10/08/21Campus Safety Alert (Possible flooding)C-Lot and J-Lot near the Pavilion1Jacksonville
09/23/21Timely Warning (Armed Disturbance)Inner Road1Gainesville
09/22/21Building FirePhi Delta Theta2Gainesville
09/16/21Timely Warning (Flooding)C-Lot near the Pavilion2Jacksonville
09/10/21Timely Warning (Rape)2300 SW 23rd Street/2800 SW 35th Place2Gainesville
09/02/21Campus Safety Alert (Escaped prisoner)8th Street and Interstate 952Jacksonville
07/13/21Campus Safety Alert (Shots Fired)W 7th Street and Jefferson Street3Jacksonville
07/08/21Timely Warning (Criminal Incident)Clinical Center2Jacksonville
07/07/21Tornado WarningUniversity of Florida Campus2Gainesville
07/07/21Tornado WarningUniversity of Florida Campus3Gainesville
07/06/21Phone OutageUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
07/06/21Tropical Storm Elsa Closure1Systemwide
05/21/21Campus Safety Alert (Closure of Lot)2030 Building (10th Street and 11th Street)1Jacksonville
05/13/21Campus Safety Alert (Blocked driveway)W 8th Street and Illinois Street2Jacksonville
05/04/21Campus Safety Alert (Theft from Vehicle)UF Health Jacksonville1Jacksonville
04/28/21Campus Safety Alert (HazMat Release)Clinical Center2Jacksonville
04/21/21Building FireGarage 105Gainesville
04/15/21Campus Safety Alert (Disturbance)ACC Building near D-Lot1Jacksonville
04/08/21Campus Safety Alert (Vandalism)ACC Building near P-Lot1Jacksonville
04/05/21Campus Safety Alert (HazMat Release)The Boulevard (8th Street and 9th Street)2Jacksonville
04/04/21Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)1122 E Panhellenic Drive1Gainesville
04/02/21Cut Gas LineBledsoe Drive6Gainesville
03/24/21Stabbing1621 SW 13th Street4Gainesville
03/19/21Timely Warning (Rape)7 Fraternity Drive1Gainesville
03/10/21HazMat ReleaseVan Fleet Hall3Gainesville
02/26/21Timely Warning (Rape)Unknown [By Victim] Fraternity House1Gainesville
02/22/21Campus Safety Alert (Battery)The Pavilion (Building A, 2nd floor)1Jacksonville
02/22/21UF Alert SMS TestUniversity of Florida1Gainesville
02/21/21Shots Fired105 SW 3rd Street3Gainesville
02/08/21Timely Warning (Theft)Research Building, UDC Building1Jacksonville
02/04/21Campus Safety Alert (Burglary) The Towers (Tower 1, 10th floor)1Jacksonville
01/31/21Shots Fired115 NW 12th Terrace2Gainesville
01/30/21Bomb Threat1269 Newell Drive2Gainesville
01/07/21Timely Warning (Robbery)Circle K Gas Station, 2320 SW Archer Road 1Gainesville
12/23/20Shots Fired3521 SW 19th Avenue2Gainesville
12/20/20Armed Robber250 NW 13th Street and 1024 W University Avenue9Gainesville
12/13/20Timely Warning311 SW 13th Street1Gainesville
12/12/20Timely Warning (Vehicle Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault)2000 W University Avenue1Gainesville
11/23/20Armed Person914 SW 8th Avenue4Gainesville
11/23/20Armed Person2701 SW 13th Street3Gainesville
11/17/20Test/ExerciseLake Nona RAC1Lake Nona
11/17/20Test/ExerciseUF Health Shands Hospital1Shands
11/17/20Test/ExerciseUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
11/17/20Test/ExerciseUF Health Jacksonville1Jacksonville
11/11/20Tropical Storm Eta Closure1Systemwide
11/03/20Timely Warning (Sexual Assault)On-Campus Housing Facility1Gainesville
11/03/20Timely Warning (Motor Vehicle Theft)South Parking Garage1Jacksonville
10/25/20Shots Fired912 West University Avenue3Gainesville
09/26/20Shots Fired1000 W University Avenue4Gainesville
09/16/20Campus Safety Alert (Armed
Darnel-Cookman School of the Medical Arts3Jacksonville
09/14/20Building FireNormal Hall3Gainesville
09/12/20Timely Warning (Police Presence)Dr. Roy Baker Drive near M-Lot2Jacksonville
08/31/20Timely Warning (Rape)Unknown [By Victim] Fraternity House1Gainesville
08/30/20Armed Robber3027 SW Archer Road4Gainesville
08/29/20Armed PersonAlfred Ring Tennis Pavilion4Gainesville
08/17/20Campus Safety Alert (Theft)UF Health Jacksonville 1Jacksonville
08/14/20Campus Safety Alert (Bicycle
Proton Building/M-Lot1Jacksonville
08/11/20Campus Safety Alert (Flood)UF Health Jacksonville1Jacksonville
07/13/20Shots Fired1901 SW 13th Street6Gainesville
04/18/20Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)Bat House on Museum Road1Gainesville
04/13/20Shots Fired3301 SW 13th Street3Gainesville
03/28/20Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)2701 SW 13th Street1Gainesville
03/18/20Strong Arm Robbery1620 W University Avenue3Gainesville
03/08/20Timely Warning (Robbery)914 SW 8th Avenue1Gainesville
02/14/20Timely Warning (Assault and Sexual Battery)2500 block of
SW 35th Place and 1801 NW 23rd
01/17/20Shots FiredUF Veterinary Medicine5Gainesville
01/08/20Armed Robbery1206 W University Avenue4Gainesville
01/04/20Armed Robbery2701 SW 13th
12/14/19Tornado WarningUniversity of Florida Campus2Gainesville
12/11/19Timely Warning (Strong Arm Robbery)SW 1st Avenue and SW 13th Street1Gainesville
11/19/19Test/ExerciseUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
10/12/19Stabbing914 SW 8th Avenue6Gainesville
10/07/19Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)University of Florida Campus1Gainesville
09/26/19Armed Robber3436 W University Avenue6Gainesville
09/18/19Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)Rawlings Hall1Gainesville
09/10/19Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)Jennings Hall 1Gainesville
09/02/19Severe WeatherLake Nona RAC1Lake Nona
09/02/19Severe WeatherUniversity of Florida Campus1Systemwide
08/30/19Severe WeatherLake Nona RAC1Lake Nona
08/30/19Severe WeatherUniversity of Florida Campus1Systemwide
08/05/19Timely Warning (Battery)Garage 91Gainesville
07/26/19RobberyArcher Road3Gainesville
07/18/19Robbery1700 Northwest 2nd Avenue4Gainesville
07/02/19Armed Robber2601 SW Archer Road3Gainesville
06/08/19Timely Warning (Burglary)710 W Depot Avenue1Gainesville
05/30/19Test/ExerciseUF Health Shands Hospital3Shands
05/11/19Shots Fired300 NW 18th Street4Gainesville
04/26/19Timely Warning (Battery)1000 Block of SW 5th Avenue1Gainesville
04/19/19Severe WeatherUF Health Shands Hospital4Shands
03/26/19Gas LeakCenter Drive from Museum Road to Archer Road5Gainesville
03/25/19Armed RobberyJennings Hall5Gainesville
02/13/19Armed Robbery3120 SW Archer Road4Gainesville
02/11/19Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)Outside of Florida Gym1Gainesville
02/07/19Timely Warning UpdateSimpson Hall1Gainesville
02/04/19Timely Warning (Residential Burglary and Battery)Simpson Hall1Gainesville
01/30/19Hydraulic Fluid SpillMuseum Road from Woodlawn Drive to Center Drive3Gainesville
01/11/19Vehicle Fire Garage 134Gainesville
01/03/19Mass Casualty Incident AlertUF Health Shands Hospital3Shands
12/01/18Robbery1814 West University Avenue4Gainesville
11/30/18Timely Warning (Robbery)920 SW Depot Avenue1Gainesville
11/17/18Armed Robbery1405 SW 13th Street3Gainesville
11/14/18Test/ExerciseUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
11/08/18Strong Arm Robbery818 W University Avenue3Gainesville
10/31/18Residential Burglary1100 SW 8th Avenue4Gainesville
10/29/18Timely Warning (Battery)Garage 21Gainesville
10/24/18Test/ExerciseLake Nona RAC1Lake Nona
09/17/18Armed PersonSW 34th Street and Hull Road4Gainesville
09/16/18Timely Warning (Armed Robbery)117 NW 15th Street Parking Lot1Gainesville
09/15/18Timely Warning (Armed Robbery)3581 SW Archer Road1Gainesville
09/13/18Mass Casualty Incident Patients ArrivingUF Health Shands Hospital2Shands
09/11/18Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)Near Fraternity Row1Gainesville
08/29/18Monitor HCA North Florida Regional SituationUF Health Shands Hospital3Shands
08/01/18Armed Robbery311 SW 13th Street4Gainesville
07/25/18Test/ExerciseUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
05/12/18Shots Fired1007 W University Avenue3Gainesville
03/02/18Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)Area of 1700 W University Avenue1Gainesville
01/28/18Stolen VehicleThe Hub2Gainesville
01/26/18Timely Warning UpdateGarage 71Gainesville
01/26/18Timely Warning (Armed Robbery)Garage 71Gainesville
01/23/18MCI Plan ActivationUF Health Shands Hospital3Shands
11/17/17Timely Warning (Credit Card Theft)University of Florida Campus1Gainesville
11/16/17Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)2841 SW 13th Street1Gainesville
11/15/17Test/ExerciseUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
09/13/17Command Center ActivatedUF Health Shands Hospital2Shands
09/12/17Hurricane Irma Update1Systemwide
09/11/17Hurricane Irma UpdateUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
09/11/17Outage and Command ClosureUF Health Shands Hospital3Shands
09/11/17Hurricane Irma UpdateUniversity of Florida Campus2Gainesville
09/11/17Hurricane Irma Update2Systemwide
09/11/17Hurricane Irma UpdateUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
09/10/17Tornado WarningLake Nona RAC1Lake Nona
09/10/17Error Message1Systemwide
09/10/17Command Center OpenUF Health Shands Hospital1Shands
09/10/17Hurricane Irma Update5Systemwide
09/09/17Command Center OpenUF Health Shands Hospital1Shands
09/09/17Hurricane WarningUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
09/09/17Hurricane Irma Update2Systemwide
09/09/17Hurricane Irma UpdateLake Nona RAC1Lake Nona
09/07/17Power OutageUF Health Shands Hospital3Shands
09/07/17Hurricane Irma Closure2Systemwide
09/07/17Hurricane Irma Update1Systemwide
09/06/17Hurricane Irma ClosureLake Nona RAC2Lake Nona
09/02/17RobberySW 2nd Avenue4Gainesville
08/25/17Armed Robbery1218 SW 3rd Avenue6Gainesville
08/23/17Timely Warning (Strong Arm Robbery)SW 13th Street1Gainesville
08/08/17Test/ExerciseUF Health Shands Hospital2Shands
07/29/17Timely Warning (Residential Burglary)NW 3rd Place1Gainesville
07/14/17MCI Plan ActivationUF Health Shands Hospital2Shands
07/07/17Tornado WarningLake Nona RAC2Lake Nona
06/08/17Test/ExerciseLake Nona RAC1Lake Nona
06/02/17Timely Warning (Suspicious Incident & Possible Aggravated Assault)University of Florida Campus1Gainesville
04/14/17Armed Person1200 SW 1st Avenue3Gainesville
02/09/17Timely Warning (Burglary)NW 14th Street1Gainesville
02/07/17Armed RobberySW 34th Street7Gainesville
02/03/17Armed RobberyW University Avenue3Gainesville
11/26/16IT OutageUF Health Shands Hospital2Shands
11/17/16Test/ExerciseUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
10/30/16Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)SW 8th Avenue1Gainesville
10/22/16Armed RobberySW 4th Avenue3Gainesville
10/06/16Hurricane Matthew Shelter OpeningUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
10/06/16Hurricane Matthew Closure UpdateUniversity of Florida Campus2Gainesville
10/06/16Hurricane Matthew ClosureUF Health Shands Hospital1Shands
10/06/16Hurricane Matthew ClosureUniversity of Florida Campus2Gainesville
10/05/16Hurricane Matthew Shelter Opening2Systemwide
10/05/16Hurricane Matthew ClosureLake Nona RAC1Lake Nona
09/30/16Test/ExerciseLake Nona RAC1Lake Nona
09/14/16IT OutageUF Health Shands Hospital2Shands
09/12/16Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)Unknown Off-Campus Location1Gainesville
09/03/16Timely Warning (Sexual Battery)NW 22nd Street1Gainesville
09/02/16Hurricane Hermine OpeningUniversity of Florida Campus1Gainesville
09/01/16Hurricane Hermine Closure2Systemwide