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UF Alert Message Summary

DateCategoryLocationNumber of NotificationsAlert Group
06/08/19Timely Warning1Gainesville
05/30/19UF Alert Test3Shands
5/11/19Active Shooter300 NW 18th St4Gainesville
04/19/19Severe WeatherNorth Central Florida4Shands
03/26/19Gas LeakCenter Dr from Museum Rd to Archer Rd5Gainesville
03/25/19Armed RobberyJennings Hall5Gainesville
02/13/19Armed Robbery3120 SW Archer Rd4Gainesville
02/11/19Timely Waning - Sexual BatteryOutside of Florida Gym1Gainesville
02/07/19Timely Warning - Simpson Hall incident updateUF Campus1Gainesville
02/04/19Timely Warning - Residential Burglary and BatterySimpson Hall1Gainesville
01/30/19Hydraulic Fluid SpillMuseum Rd from Woodlawn Dr to Center Dr3Gainesville
01/11/19Vehicle Fire Garage 134Gainesville
01/03/19Mass Casualty Incident Alert3Shands
12/01/18Robbery1814 West University Ave4Gainesville
11/30/18Timely Warning - Robbery920 SW Depot Ave 1Gainesville
11/17/18Armed Robbery1405 SW 13th St3Gainesville
11/14/18UF Alert Test1Gainesville
11/08/18Strong Arm Robbery818 W University Ave3Gainesville
10/31/18Residential BurglaryUniversity Heights 1100 SW 8th Ave4Gainesville
10/29/18Timely Warning - BatteryGarage 21Gainesville
10/24/18UF Alert Test 1Lake Nona
09/17/18Armed PersonSW 34th St and Hull Rd4Gainesville
09/16/18Timely Warning - Armed Robbery117 NW 15th St Parking Lot1Gainesville
09/15/18Timely Warning - Armed Robbery3581 SW Archer Rd1Gainesville
09/13/18Mass Casualty Incident Patients Arriving2Shands
09/11/18Timely Warning - Sexual BatteryNear Fraternity Row1Gainesville
08/29/18Monitor HCA North Florida Regional Situation3Shands
08/01/18Armed Robbery311 SW 13th St4Gainesville
7/25/18UF Alert Test1Gainesville
05/12/18Shots Fired1007 W University Ave3Gainesville
03/02/18Timely Warning - Sexual BatteryArea of 1700 W University Ave1Gainesville
01/28/18Stolen VehicleThe Hub2Gainesville
01/26/18Timely Warning - Armed RobberyGarage 71Gainesville
01/26/18Timely Warning - Update: Report FabricatedGarage 7 Incident Update1Gainesville
01/23/18Shands Alert (MCI Plan Activation)3Shands
11/17/17Timely Warning - Credit Card TheftVarious locations on campus1Gainesville
11/16/17Timely Warning - Sexual BatteryTivoli Apartments1Gainesville
11/15/17UF Alert Test1Gainesville
09/13/17Shands Command Activated2Shands
09/12/17Hurricane Irma Update - Campus Update1Systemwide
09/11/17Hurricane Irma Update - Museum Rd Still Closed1Gainesville
09/11/17Shands Outage and Command Closure3Shands
09/11/17Hurricane Irma Update - Stay off campus unless essential2Gainesville
09/11/17Hurricane Irma - Hurricane Irma Update - UF reopen Wednesday, classes resume Thursday2Systemwide
09/11/17Hurricane Irma Update - Storm still dangerous 1Gainesville
09/10/17Tornado Warning1Lake Nona
09/10/17Edit Message (system error)1Systemwide
09/10/17Shands Command Center Open1Shands
09/10/17Hurricane Irma Update - Emergency Shelter Status5Systemwide
09/09/17Shands Command Open Sunday1Shands
09/09/17Hurricane Warning1Gainesville
09/09/17Hurricane Irma Update - UF Closed Tuesday2Systemwide
09/09/17Hurricane Irma Update - Tuesday Closure1Lake Nona
09/07/17Power Outage3Shands
09/07/17Classes Cancelled per Gov. Scott2Systemwide
09/07/17Hurricane Irma Update - Sunday & Monday Closure1Systemwide
09/06/17Classes Cancelled - Hurricane Irma 2Lake Nona
09/02/17RobberySW 2nd Ave4Gainesville
08/25/17Armed Robbery1218 SW 3rd Ave6Gainesville
08/23/17Timely Warning - Strong Arm RobberySW 13th St1Gainesville
08/08/17Shands Alert Test2Shands
07/29/17Timely Warning - Burglary of a ResidenceNW 3rd Pl1Gainesville
07/14/17Shands Alert (MCI Plan Activation)Shands2Shands
07/07/17Tornado WarningLake Nona RAC2Lake Nona
06/08/17UF Alert Test1Lake Nona
06/02/17Timely Warning - Suspicious Incident & Possible Aggravated Assault UF Campus1Gainesville
04/14/17Armed Person1200 SW 1st Ave3Gainesville
02/09/17Timely Warning - BurglaryNW 14th St1Gainesville
02/07/17Armed RobberySW 34th Street7Gainesville
02/03/17Armed RobberyW University Ave3Gainesville
11/26/16Shands Alert IT System Outage2Shands
11/17/16UF Alert Test1Gainesville
10/30/16Timely Warning - Sexual BatterySW 8th Ave1Gainesville
10/22/16Armed RobberySW 4th Ave3Gainesville
10/06/16Hurricane Matthew Shelter Opening1Gainesville
10/06/16Hurricane Matthew Closure Update2Gainesville
10/06/16Shands Alert Hurricane Matthew1Shands
10/06/16Hurricane Matthew Closure2Gainesville
10/05/16Hurricane Matthew Shelter Opening2Systemwide
10/05/16Hurricane Matthew Closure - Lake Nona 1Lake Nona
09/30/16UF Alert Test1Lake Nona
09/14/16Shands Alert - IT System OutageShands2Shands
09/12/16Timely Warning - Sexual BatteryUnknown off-campus location1Gainesville
09/03/16Timely Warning - Sexual BatteryNW 22nd St1Gainesville
09/02/16Hurricane Hermine OpeningMain Campus1Gainesville
09/01/16Hurricane Hermine ClosureMain Campus2Systemwide
08/10/16Shands Alert IT OutageShands5Shands
08/01/16Offsite Mass Casualty ActivationShands2Shands
07/26/16Armed RobberyHealth Science Center (Bank)10Gainesville
07/22/16Timely Warning - Follow-up on 7/21 NotificationW University Ave1Gainesville
07/21/16Timely Warning - Sexual BatteryW University Ave1Gainesville
06/27/16Timely Warning - Suspicious VanFraternity Row2Gainesville
06/23/16Timely Warning - Exposure of Sexual OrgansStadium Rd Extension2Gainesville
06/14/16Timely Warning - Exposure of Sexual OrgansNewell Dr/ Inner Rd1Gainesville
06/09/16Timely Warning - Attempted AbductionW University Ave1Gainesville
05/25/16UF Alert Test1Shands
04/05/16Timely Warning - BatteryJ. Wayne Reitz Union 2Gainesville
02/11/16Timely Warning - Exposure of Sexual OrgansGarage 61Gainesville
02/07/16RobberySW Archer Rd5Gainesville
02/04/16Timely Warning - Exposure of Sexual OrgansGarage 8 1Gainesville
01/31/16Armed RobberyW University Ave2Gainesville
12/23/15Armed RobberySW 33rd Pl4Gaineseville
12/11/15Timely WarningNW 15th Ter1Gainesville
11/19/15UF Alert Test 1Gainesville
11/17/15Armed RobberySW 3rd Ave4Gainesville
11/17/15Armed RobberyW University Ave5Gainesville
11/10/15HazMat Odor/Precautionary EvacuationMusic Building4Gainesville
11/08/15Timely Warning1400 Block of W University Ave1Gainesville
11/08/15Attempted Robbery SW 9th Rd4Gainesville
10/30/15Timely WarningArea between Gator City & Sorority Row1Gainesville
10/29/15Armed RobberySW 9th Rd5Gainesville
10/28/15Timely WarningNW 3rd Pl1Gainesville
10/13/15HazMat ReleaseCommunicore3Gainesville
10/09/15Armed RobberyNW 4th Ave5Gainesville
09/19/15Building FireKeys Residential Complex (Laundry Room)5Gainesville
09/10/15Armed RobberyNW 17th St3Gaineville
09/05/15Timely WarningNW 3rd Ave1Gainesville
08/29/15Timely WarningSW 2nd Ave1Gainesville
08/28/15Armed RobberySW 14th Dr12Gainesville
08/25/15Timely WarningSW 20th Ave1Gainesville
08/19/15Armed RobberySW 20th Ave6Gainesville
08/17/15Armed RobberyNear Sorority Row6Gainesville
08/02/15Timely Warning - Sexual Battery2Gainesville
07/27/15UF Alert - Reported Shots Fired2Gainesville
06/17/15UF Alert Test2Lake Nona
05/11/15Timely WarningUF Campus1Gainesville
05/07/15Timely WarningSW 16th Ct2Gainesville
04/23/15Armed SuspectMatherly Area/Lake Alice Area7Gainesville
04/16/15Timely WarningSW 5th Ave1Gainesville
03/29/15RobberyW University Ave2Gainesville
03/16/15Suspicious Package Lake Nona RAC2Lake Nona
01/13/15UF Alert Test1Lake Nona
12/03/14Timely Warning1Gainesville
11/14/14UF Alert Test1Gainesville
10/19/14Timely Warning1Gainesville
09/28/14Suspicious Subject Hub7Gainesville
09/07/14BatteryMcCarty Hall6 (includes 9/8/14 final message)Gainesville
09/05/14AttackSW 13th St4Gainesville
08/31/14BatterySW 13th St6Gainesville
06/18/14Shooting3500 Windmeadows Blvd 4Gainesville
06/11/14Timely WarningSW 8th Ave1Gainesville
05/17/14Home InvasionNW 3rd Pl3Gainesville
05/03/14Armed RobberyNW 18th St2Gainesville
04/16/14UF Alert Test SMS Only1Gainesville
04/08/14Timely WarningW University Ave1Gainesville
03/17/14Power OutageNanoscale Research Facility3Gainesville
03/12/14Timely Warning1Gainesville
03/05/14Timely Warning900 Block of W University Ave 1Gainesville
03/03/14StabbingLeigh Hall4Gainesville
02/23/14 Shot FiredWest Univeristy Ave (Gator City)2Gainesville
12/15/13Armed Disturbance Frederick Gardens3Gainesville
12/11/13BurglarySW 10th St5Gainesville
12/06/13Armed DisturbanceTown Parke Apartments2Gainesville
12/05/13Armed RobberySW 11th Ln3Gainesville
11/19/13UF Alert Test1Systemwide
11/18/13Timely WarningNW 10th St1Gainesville
10/25/13RobberyNW 15th St2Gainesville
10/05/13Plane CrashFlavet Field1Gainesville
06/15/13Home InvasionW University Ave4
05/17/13RobberySW 8th Ave5
04/15/13Timely WarningSW 10th St1
02/17/13 Timely Warning1
01/22/13 RobberyNW 1st Ave4 (includes final message sent on 01/23/13
01/11/13 RobberyCollege Manor 2
12/09/12 RobberyGraham Oasis 3
12/05/12Timely Warning1Gainesville
12/05/12 UF Alert Test1
11/04/12 RobberySW 13th St3
10/27/12Timely Warning1
10/26/12 Assault/BatteryW University Ave3
10/01/12 Sexual Assault Weimer Hall3
08/30/12Armed SubjectGarage 10 (Shands E) 6
08/23/12Tropical Storm Isaac Travel Advisory1
08/14/12 Bomb Threat UF Health Shands Hospital4
08/02/12 StabbingBuckman Dr3
07/23/12 Armed Subject Regency Oaks 2
07/09/12 Timely Warning1
06/20/12 Armed Subject Archer Rd2
04/15/12 Armed subject Fraternity Row2
03/28/12 GPD Escapee3
02/12/12 UFPD Telephones Down 2
02/08/12 RobberyRawlings Hall3
12/09/11 Armed Assault2
12/02/11 Shots FiredEast Campus2
11/29/11 Sexual Battery1
11/12/11 Campus Power Outage2
11/02/11 Armed SubjectUF Health Shands Hospital2
10/12/11 UF Alert Test1
09/20/11Timely Warning1
07/20/11 UF Alert Test 1
05/09/11 Possible Shots East Campus 2
04/18/11 UF Alert Test 1
04/03/11 UF Alert Test 1
12/01/10 UF Alert Test 1
05/31/10 Strong Arm Robbery1
04/21/10 UF Alert Test 1
03/02/10 ShootingCorry Village 4
02/12/10 Gas Leak Corry Village2
10/30/09 UF Alert Test 1
10/28/09 UF Alert Test 1
09/17/09 UF Alert Test 1
08/17/09UF Alert Test 1
08/06/09 Vendor Welcome SMS Text 1
08/05/09 Vendor Welcome SMTP Text 1
07/12/09 Armed Robbery1
04/21/09UF Alert Test1
01/20/09 Unauthorized Message1
08/22/08Tropical Storm Fay Opening1
08/21/08Tropical Storm Fay Closure1
04/18/08 UF Alert Test 1