Timely Warning

Published: September 23rd, 2021

Category: Timely Warning-Gainesville

Under the Clery Act, the University of Florida issues Timely Warning messages regarding Clery Act crimes which pose a serious and continuing threat to the campus community.

The University of Florida Police Department was notified about an armed disturbance on Inner Rd. near Broward Dining Facility at 1:30 pm on 09/23/21. It was reported that the suspect, described as a Hispanic female, wearing a red polo shirt, black slacks, black visor, thin build, long dark curly hair, was armed with a pocketknife and was assaulting her husband and another involved female in the roadway. Other parties intervened. The suspect was subdued and disarmed. The suspect then fled the scene. No one was seriously injured. The suspect has been identified but has not been located. It is believed that this incident was isolated only to the immediate parties involved and poses no further threat to the UF campus community.

The University of Florida strongly believes that no person is responsible for harm inflicted by another person.

Criminal incidents can be reported to UF CSAs who are designated, trained, and mandatory reporters under the Clery Act when victims chose not to report to law enforcement.

Reporting to law enforcement is encouraged by calling 9-1-1 or through the GatorSafe app.

If someone is behaving disrespectfully or making you feel uncomfortable, take steps to remove yourself from the situation early, especially if you are concerned it may become physical.

If you can, get safely away from the area before calling 9-1-1. Ask for assistance from others around you if you are unable to get away or call 9-1-1.

Information for support resources, services, and programs at the University of Florida can be found at: https://police.ufl.edu/clery/victim-resources/

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