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Published: August 31st, 2020

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Under the Clery Act, the University of Florida issues Timely Warning messages regarding Clery Act crimes which pose a serious and continuing threat to the campus community.

The University of Florida Office Of Clery Act Compliance received a report from a University of Florida Campus Security Authority (CSA) at UFPD indicating that a student was a victim of Rape on or around the evening of August 28, 2020 at an unknown fraternity house.

This incident was reported to the CSA several days after it occurred and the reporting person declined to disclose further details, including the identity of the alleged assailant to the Campus Security Authority (CSA) at UFPD who received the report. Given the nature of this incident, this Timely Warning is being distributed so that students, faculty and staff are provided with information to make informed decisions to keep themselves and other members of the community safe.

The Office of Clery Act Compliance and the University of Florida firmly believes that no action or inaction by a victim of rape makes the person responsible for another person’s abuse or criminal conduct. These safety tips and information are provided to assist members of the UF community.

Criminal incidents can be reported to UF CSAs who are designated, trained, and mandatory reporters under the Clery Act when victims chose not to report to law enforcement.

The first few months of the school year are the highest risk time of the year in which rape can occur. (Krebs et al., 2007)

The most common type of rape occurs between individuals known to one another, including an acquaintance or in the context of a current or prior dating or domestic relationship. (Krebs et al., 2007)

At least half of rapes among college students occur after the perpetrator, the victim, or both consume alcohol. Be alert to people pressuring you or others to use alcohol or other drugs. (Corbin et al, 2001)

Approximately 1 in 4 female undergraduates and nearly 1 in 14 male undergraduates experience rape during their time as a college or university student. (Cantor et al., 2019)

Trust your instincts. If you feel uneasy or sense something is wrong, do what you can to get out of that situation or call for assistance.

Find out more information about how to be an active bystander to prevent violence by directing, delegating, and distracting. Green Dot targets all campus community members as potential allies and bystanders by engaging them in prevention through awareness, education, and skills practice. Register for a session or find out more at https://greendot.ufl.edu/get-involved/.

If someone is behaving disrespectfully or making you feel uncomfortable, take steps to remove yourself from the situation early, especially if you are concerned it may become physical.

Learn effective ways to use self-defense skills by taking a self-defense class such as the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) and always consider bringing a friend with you when you go out.

Additionally, victims are encouraged to report criminal incidents and suspicious activities/individuals immediately to law enforcement by calling 9-1-1. Download the GatorSafe app to view local crime happening around campus, report a crime tip to UF Police, use the personal safety toolbox, and more. (https://police.ufl.edu/services/community-services/gatorsafe-app/

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