UF Alert Test Announcement – Thursday, June 8th

Published: June 5th, 2017

Category: Lake Nona Emergency Notification

The University of Florida Research and Academic Center in Lake Nona will conduct a brief test of its UF Alert-Lake Nona emergency notification system for the Orlando campus which will occur sometime between 1:30 a.m. and 1:45 p.m. Thursday, June 8th, 2017.

Included in Thursday’s test message will be a link to the UF Alert-Lake Nona website https://ufalert.ufl.edu/lakenona/, where UF students, faculty and staff can learn more about the UF Alert-Lake Nona features. Those include the myUFL emergency contact information screen, which displays the cell phone number indicated to receive an individual’s UF Alerts. It also allows the user to opt into or out of location-based emergency notifications for the University of Florida campus in Gainesville and the UF Research and Academic Center at Lake Nona. All users will receive systemwide alerts.

The text portion of Thursday’s message will be sent to students, faculty and staff via text messaging and email. It will also post to the UF Alert-Lake Nona social media twitter account @UFAlertLakeNona, the UF Alert-Lake Nona website https://ufalert.ufl.edu/lakenona/ and IP telephones.

The audio portion of the message will broadcast to essentially all Cisco IP telephones on the UF Orlando campus. In addition, most UF academic classrooms and class laboratories on campus include an IP telephone or speaker to receive broadcasted UF Alerts. The audio message may repeat for up to two minutes during the test.

To ensure that everyone receives text messages, students, faculty and staff should update their emergency contact information and location preferences in myUFL. Updates can be made at myUFL by clicking on “My Account” and then on “Update Emergency Contact.” Select “UF Alert-Lake Nona” under the subscription settings.

The emergency text messaging system is used only in cases when a threat may affect the university’s campus. In such cases, the UF Alert-Lake Nona website https://ufalert.ufl.edu/lakenona/ is the official source of the UF Research and Academic Center emergency-related information. The UF community can review emergency response and evacuation procedures online at https://emergency.ufl.edu/takeaction.

To learn about UF Alert, including subscription settings, notification methods and additional information, go to http://ufalert.ufl.edu.

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